Hi! I am Heather, the owner of Nicole's Nannies. Why did I choose the name Nicole's Nannies? Simple: Nicole is my middle name! I wanted to have something that was connected to me, but also unique and easy to remember. 


I am a former nanny with over 10 years of experience caring for newborns to school age, including twins (I have raised 4 adorable sets!). I also have a background in Childhood Education as well as Child Psychology and I love to use my knowledge of both when helping make placements. I began this agency because of my passion of helping others and seeing the need family's and nannies both have with making professional and long lasting connections.


I know the ins and outs of the nanny world, and now as my own family is growing I get to see the ins and outs of motherhood and the needs of a family. It is my goal and my passion to not only make sure that families are receiving qualified nannies, but to make sure nannies are receiving the benefits and pay that they deserve. 


I pride myself in having the passion to actually help families and nannies and it has been an exciting journey to be able to connect with amazing nannies, families, and other industry owners. I hope to one day make an impact on this industry by showing that nannies are more than just caregivers: they are professionals with knowledge, experience, and passion in raising you little ones!

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