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10 Ways to Show Your Appreciation during National Nanny Recognition Week

It's important to always make sure your nanny is appreciated, but did you know that every year there is a week dedicated to nannies? Nanny Recognition week in 2019 is September 22-September 28 and we think it's VERY important to use this week to show your nanny just how much you appreciate all the hard work he or she has done! Read below for a few tips on how you can achieve that.

1. Memberships to one or multiple organizations. What better way to tell your nanny that you appreciate all the hard work put in throughout the year? We suggest gifting a membership to the International Nanny Association or the US Nanny Association. During National Nanny Recognition week, the INA is offering $15 off childcare professional ($40) and newborn care specialist memberships ($160). This offer is valid Sunday, September 22nd through Sunday, September 29th 11:59pm EST.

2. A subscription to Nanny Magazine. Let your nanny stay informed with the Nanny Magazine! Made by nannies for nannies, it's a great resource and guide and they are currently running a 15% off special.

3. Courses or training. Assisting with the cost of courses and training programs not only helps boosts your nanny's resume for the future, but it helps her feel appreciated knowing that you acknowledge that being a nanny is a profession. Nanny Training is only $69 to enroll in their Professional Nanny Certificate Program. Amslee Institute provides multiple aspects of Nanny Training and Certification at an affordable rate.

4. Gift cards. Does your nanny enjoy coffee, movies, or shopping in general? Provide her with a gift card to show your appreciation! You could even buy a gift card to get her car detailed (if she uses her own vehicle) as a way of saying thanks!

5. A day off. Why not give your nanny an unexpected day off this week? Remember that if you go this route, you shouldn't deduct it from her PTO as it's a gift.

6. Cash bonus. Providing a little extra cash is a great way to show your appreciation, and it also assists your nanny with some extra spending money to pamper themselves.

7. Tickets to a concert or sporting event. Does your nanny enjoy concerts or sports and you know of an event they have been dying to go to? Take the splurge and show your appreciation by buying a ticket to her favorite artist or sporting event!

8. Homemade gifts. Involve your children and have them assist in making a homemade gift for the nanny. Perhaps pottery that they paint, a photo book of fun memories with their nanny, or a hand drawn picture.

9. Dinner. If you require that the nanny prepares every night then maybe you should provide her favorite take-out to give her a night off from cooking! An even better idea is going out as a family to her favorite restaurant to show your appreciation.

10. Buy nanny merchandise. Check out Etsy, or Nanny Tees for fun and personalized nanny gear!

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