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Five Suggestions for Hiring a Nanny

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

Before hiring a nanny, be sure to read these five suggestions to help make the process easier!

Tip #1

Be incredibly detailed about what you are looking for so that you are not receiving candidates who are the complete opposite of what you are looking for. The more information, the better - and we are very serious when we say you can never give us too much information about what you are looking for.

Tip #2

Communication is key! The more communication between you and our agency, the better chances you will have of hiring a nanny faster. If we can't reach you then we can't place a nanny with you, and you also risk missing out on a great nanny who is interviewing with other families.

Tip #3

Be open and honest about your expectations of your nanny. Do you expect your nanny to do the family laundry, the dishes, and family grocery shopping? Or maybe you expect the nanny to help follow a strict meal plan and schedule for your family. We can make a better match if we have this information, especially because we want the nannies to be aware prior to the interview this way your time and their time is not being wasted if they are not interested in the expectations that you have.

Tip #4

Never rule out a nanny based on her looks, age, or religion. We do not discriminate and we ask that our families do not either! We also suggest that you are open to the nanny's age - we once had a family ask for an older nanny, but we had a younger nanny who fit their needs exactly and it turns out that the younger nanny was somebody the family hired!

Tip #5

Let us help you with the contract between you and your nanny. It's important to have all terms laid out on paper for both parties to agree to. We will help create a contract stating start dates, pay, duties, etc. Some families choose to avoid a contract but we highly recommend it!

We hope that these suggestions were helpful and we look forward to helping you find the perfect nanny for your family!

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