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How to Ask for a Raise as a Nanny

As a nanny it can be incredibly intimidating asking for a raise, especially if discussion of a performance raise has never been discussed before. Here are some factors to take into consideration prior to scheduling a performance review with your employers.

  • Market rates

  • How long you have been at the job

  • If responsibilities have changed (increased, not decreased)

  • If additional trainings or certifications have been obtained during employment

  • Be realistic with how much you are asking for (the average is 3% per year)

Make sure you are scheduling your performance review when you are not around the children. You will want to have an adult only conversation!

When requesting a raise, be sure to stay confident and let your employers know why you feel you deserve a raise. Let them know of any activities you do with the children, whether it be driving them to and from more places, helping with homework, scheduling more activities, etc. Be sure to include any new memberships you have obtained for training purposes and any certifications.

If your employer says no, ask what they would need in order to consider giving you a raise. They may feel you asked too soon or may have improvements that they want to see first. Take into consideration any of their feedback and ask to reschedule in a few months to revaluate.


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