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How to Determine Overnight Rates

When working an overnight as a nanny you may question what is the norm when it comes to charging for those hours. There are a few different factors that play into what you should charge:

  • Room arrangements

  • Whether or not you are in charge of the children

  • How old the children are

  • How many children there are

First thing first, when traveling with a family or working past your normal hours, you should always be paid your normal hourly rate plus overtime before taking into consideration overnight pay. Overnight pay varies based on the factors above, but in New Jersey we are seeing nannies charge anywhere from $100-$400 per night.

Here's an easy breakdown of how to determine that:

  1. Nanny is not responsible for children at all after hours: $100-$150

  2. Nanny has a separate room but is responsible for school age children who do not wake up during the night: $150-$200

  3. Nanny shares a room with children, but is not responsible for the children $300-$400

  4. Nanny has a separate room and is responsible for young children who might wake up during the night: $150-$400

Remember that no matter what you charge for an overnight, you should still be paid your hourly wages + overtime on top of an overnight fee. When traveling with a family you should also have your travel, accommodations, and food covered (we cover that in another blog!).

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