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Preparing a Nanny Resume

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

The importance of nanny resumes and why you should always bring one to an interview.

Being a nanny is a profession, and with every profession you need to apply with a resume and attend an interview with resume in hand. We break down the importance of a resume and what to include and not include in your nanny resume.


What you SHOULD include:

1. Anything dealing with children - babysitting, working in a daycare, being a camp counselor, etc.

2. Long-term employment regarding childcare

What you SHOULD NOT include:

1. Jobs that have nothing to do with childcare, such as being a server or a driver

2. Short-term employment (less than 3 months). IF you have had short term employments, you can explain those positions in person

3. Positions where you worked for your family - babysitting cousins, your little brother, etc.


What you SHOULD include:

1. Skills reflecting your patience and understanding

2. Skills reflecting your ability to multitask or be a self starter

3. Skills that you would use with the children: swimming, athletic, etc.

What you SHOULD NOT include:

1. Skills for positions that have nothing to do with childcare: counting money, customer service, word and excel, etc.

2. Inappropriate skills: families do not care if you can do an up-do, makeup, or can ride a unicycle. Keep your skill list appropriate and related to childcare.

Emails, Certifications, and Education:

What you SHOULD include:

1. Where you graduated high school and if you have any college experience. List your degree with your college, or list if you are working towards a degree.

2. Any CPR/First Aid certifications or classes you have taken outside of school (infant classes, nutrition, etc.)

3. An appropriate email should be used, such as

What you SHOULD NOT include:

1. If you have tried a few different colleges out, there is no need to list every single one - UNLESS you graduated from them.

2. Certifications that have nothing to do with being a nanny

3. Inappropriate emails, such as:, - and yes, we have seen nannies use emails such as this when applying to our company.

Along with the above, you need to make sure you include a cover letter, an appropriate photo of yourself, and make sure your resume is clean and organized n your cover letter you should include why you are a nanny, why you feel you would be a good fit for the family, and anything else pertaining to yourself and being a nanny.

If you ever need help with your resume, we are 100% here to help you. We want our nannies to present themselves professionally and we can guide you along the way.

Want a free resume template? Download ours today!

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