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Nanny Burnout

Being a nanny can be an incredibly demanding job. There are many unexpected stressors and events that can lead to nanny burnout, and more often than not the burnout hits before either the employer or employee realize.

What is Nanny Burnout?

Nanny burnout can best be described as when a nanny pushes her physical, emotional, and mental limits. Nannies who have little time off, work long hours, cannot socialize during work hours, and have little to no breaks during the day are the ones to likely experience nanny burnout.

Way to Avoid Nanny Burnout

  • Set clear boundaries, both written and verbally. Having a work agreement is key to setting boundaries.

  • Do not be afraid to say no to extra responsibilities if you know you are not capable of them.

  • TAKE TIME OFF! Use your PTO days.

  • Communicate openly and honestly with your employer if you feel yourself becoming burnt out.

As an Employer, Here is How You Can Avoid the Nanny Getting Burnt Out

  • Allow the nanny to have down time during the day, whether it's while the children are napping or having quiet time with the TV.

  • Do not give extra responsibilities without asking the nanny if they would be comfortable with additional tasks.

  • Avoid having the nanny work overtime; get a date night sitter if you require extra help during the week.

  • Let the nanny take their PTO days.

  • Communicate with the nanny regularly to make sure that they are feeling energized and able to work.


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