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How to Interview for a Nanny Position

When you're heading to a nanny interview your goal is to leave a good impression on the family so that you are on the top of their mind when they review the candidates they met. You want the family to think, "ah I loved the answers that this nanny provided and I think they will really fit with our family well!".

So how do you make that good impression?

Tip #1 - Practice time management

Plan ahead accordingly and ensure you give yourself an extra 10-15 minutes for travel related incidents. There is nothing worse than showing up late to your first interview with a family. If you can show up 2-5 minutes early, even better. By showing up early or on time, you are letting the family know that you have excellent time management skills and will be able to meet their schedule needs.

Tip #2 - Confirm and communicate

After you schedule your initial interview, it's important to follow up to confirm that day and time so that the family knows you are invested in this position. If at any point you need to reschedule, you should immediately contact the family and let them know. You can do so by simply saying, "My apologies, but something came up and I unfortunately will need to reschedule. These are the following days and times I am available. I hope we are able to reline up our schedules because I was very excited to meet your family as I feel we could be a really good match."

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Tip #3 - Talk about your love of nannying

Do not be scared to talk about why you love being a nanny. Parents (and agencies) love to see a nanny light up with why they chose this profession. Talk about activities you love to do with children, past experiences you have had with children, and anything positive you can bring to the table.

Tip #4 - Stay positive

Do not bring up past negative work experiences, instead talk about the positive aspects of them. If you previous employer and you didn't mesh well, there's no need to gossip and talk poorly about that employer; you can simply say that your views with your previous employer were not on the same page and you both wished each other luck as you parted ways.

Tip #5 - Wear appropriate clothing

We cannot stress this enough, dress appropriately! Whether the interview is on ZOOM or in person, please do not show up in your pajamas, torn clothing, or clothing with inappropriate words or photos. First impressions are everything, so dress accordingly.

I will never forget that one of my previous nanny moms told me that the reason they hired me was because she loved how I showed up with my cute scarf and keds, and how it was cute, relatable, and made them feel as though I would blend with their family well. So it's true what they say, first impressions are everything!


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