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Nanny Associations, Conferences, and Training for Nannies

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

Have you heard of USNA, INA, or even the national nanny conference Nannypalooza? If not, now is the perfect time to learn about them and join one, two, or all of the associations and conferences provided for nannies!

The importance of each association and why you should attend at least one conference or training!

Every association, conference, and training share a common goal: furthering a nanny's knowledge and education within the nanny industry. You may be wondering what exactly do these associations or conferences offer and how can they assist in the growth of your nanny career. These resources not only offer you a chance to learn more about the industry and gain expertise, but they also improve your resume and allow potential employers to categorize you as a career nanny.


As a member of USNA, you will have access to the following:

The US Nanny Association unites nannies and childcare professionals, working to promote resources, information, tools and opportunities that elevate our community. We advocate for each other, share our challenges and triumphs and gain a competitive advantage as active, informed members of the childcare industry. Leading busy lives, we can depend on the Association to share industry trends, new legislative rulings, and advances in childcare and teaching methodologies.

The membership fee (as of 2019) is $25 per year.

As a member of INA, you will receive access to the following:

  • Relevant articles for the industry

  • Reduced registration the the annual conference

  • Member-only Facebook group

  • Online directory

  • Use of the INA logo for your resume and online portfolios

  • Job Board

  • Awards and Grants

  • Nanny and NCS Basic Skills Assessment

  • Nanny and NCS Credential Exam

  • Mentor Program

  • Annual conferences

INA serves as the umbrella association for the in-home child care industry by providing information, education and guidance to the public and to industry professionals.

The membership fee for a nanny (as of 2019) is $55 per year.

The annual conference pricing for a nanny (as of 2019) is $415 for early bird registration, $515 for regular registration, and $615 for late registration. Registration for one day only is $260 for early bird registration, $360 for regular registration, and $460 for late registration.

As a member of DEMA, you will receive access to the following:

  • Monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly events

  • Private online forums

  • Online directory

  • Podcasts

  • Digital library of resources

  • Discounts on conferences

  • Job board

DEMA provides the Private Service Community with invaluable resources to tackle everyday challenges empowering our members to ensure they protect and preserve the estates they are involved in managing.  In a few short years, DEMA membership has expanded into over 50 states and 18 countries

The membership fee (as of 2019) is $125 per year.

The annual conference pricing for a domestic employee (as of 2019) is $429 for early bird registration and $529 for regular registration. Registration for one day is only $279 for early bird or regular registration.

Training and Conferences

Professional conferences are an excellent way to gain more knowledge on the industry, as well as meet others in the profession. Nannypalooza offers workshops that provide information on real life issues you will face as a nanny. Nannypalooza also offers a cruise.

The pricing (as of 2019) is $175 for early bird registration, $245 for regular registration, and $325 for late registration.

NannyTraining offers online courses that are built in partnership with industry experts. The Nanny Course offers everything from basic child safety to language and literacy development in children.

The pricing (as of 2019) is $69 for the professional nanny certificate program.

Nanny Stella Training offers online courses ranging from foundation practice for nannies to newborn care specialist training. The courses are online only and can be done at your convenience.

The pricing (as of 2019) ranges from $199-$694

Amslee Institute provides affordable college-level training for both nannies and sitters. Amslee Institute has developed a new, nanny-centric curriculum with over 45 hours of online training, including Music, Helping with Homework, Literacy, and STEM.

The pricing (as of 2019) ranges from $350-$1,150.

The Newborn Care Training Academy course educates individuals on the care of a newborn (birth to three months). Courses cover basic newborn care, feeding, nutrition, breastfeeding, managing multiples, premature infants, sleep conditioning, issues and ailments, and assistance with a postpartum mother.

The pricing (as of 2019) ranges from $300-$525.

Gentle Ventures offers the Basic Newborn Care Course, the Newborn Care/Newborn Nanny Course, and the Holistic Course. They are approved by the NCSA for certification and accredited by the International Maternity and Parenting Institute.

The pricing (as of 2019) ranges from $50-$200.

The English Nanny & Governess School provides courses including child development from ages birth to adolescence, infant care, music, language, and so much more. Graduates of this school are highly sought out.

The pricing (as of 2019) includes $50 for the application fee, $75 for the registration fee, $7920 for tuition, $350 for books and supplies, and residence hall fees range from $1,650-$2,150.

The Red Cross offers babysitting classes and child care training to assist you with becoming one a capable and trusted sitter and nanny in your area. They offer First Aid and CPR/AED courses.

The pricing (as of 2019) for Babysitters Training is $97. CPR and First Aid ranges from $97 to $126.

Associations and Training outside of the United States:

[If any known associations, conferences, or training events were missed please email us at to have them added to this post.]

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