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If you need a nanny for less than six months, then we recommend you hire a temporary nanny. Families typically hire a temporary nanny when they are unsure whether their children will need private care for more than a year.

We require a search fee to begin the process of finding a temporary nanny for your family. Unlike our permanent placements, the temporary placement is not based on the nanny's salary. Contact us to discuss in more detail how temporary placements work.

For our temporary placements we offer the following:

  • An in depth phone consult to discuss your needs, including the ideal nanny for your family as well as the time frame in which you require a nanny.

  • Guidance on how to pay the nanny legally, including what you should offer in terms of pay and benefits.

  • Complete screening of nannies. This includes interviewing, verifying references, verifying certifications and trainings and completing a background check.

  • Assistance with putting together a job offer and forming a working agreement.

Nannies who apply to our agency meet the following:

  • 4+ years of paid nanny experience

  • 18 + years of age

  • CPR and First Aid Certified

  • Valid license with clean driving record

  • Reliable vehicle

  • Ability to work legally in the United States

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