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Top 5 Reasons to Use a Nanny Agency for Your Job Search

Maybe you have found all your jobs independently, whether it's through word of mouth or websites such as and and you are unsure what exactly a nanny agency can offer you. If you are reading this article though, the odds are that you may be struggling to find your dream job and that's where an agency comes in!

1. Support on your job search: You may know exactly what you want, or you may be struggling to determine what kind of position would be perfect for you. When working with an agency you will find that during the interview you will be asked an important question, "What is your ideal family or job?". This question allows agencies to determine which family would be your perfect fit. If you have applied to an agency and they do not ask you what your ideal situation would be, then that agency may not be the best fit for you! A great agency will ensure that they will be supporting you on your job search to find your perfect fit.

2. Knowledge of the industry: A good agency will have knowledge of the industry and will treat you as a professional. An agency will not only help assist you with receiving appropriate pay and benefits, but they will also assist you with a contract to help protect you as a professional nanny. Most agencies will advocate for the nanny and ensure that they are receiving guaranteed hours, vacation days, sick days, mileage reimbursement, overtime, health care benefits, and so much more. Families who work with agencies are seeking professional nannies and therefore will compensate appropriately.

4. Assistance with resumes and contracts: An agency will assist with building your resume, which typically involves a summary about your time as a nanny and a breakdown of past employment. Along with assisting with the resume, an agency will help provide a contract for use while employed. Having a contract is important, because it not only protects you as a nanny, but it also lays down all expectations immediately for an employer and the nanny. An agency will help negotiate your pay and benefits in the contract so that you won't have to feel uncomfortable or have to give up something you would like from a job.

4. Getting seen by potential employers: When working on your own, you may find that it's difficult to get your resume seen by families (if you have a resume). You may have all the experience plus some, but families get swamped by multiple nannies requesting to get an interview. When working with an agency, you have a better chance of getting your resume seen by a family. Agencies typically only send 2-4 resumes per family, so if you are interested in a job and the agency feels that you would be a good fit, you'll be in the batch of resumes and will most likely obtain an interview.

5. Ongoing advice and support: If you have been hired by a family through an agency, expect the support to continue way past employment! A great agency will not only check in with you, but they will be there to answer any questions or concerns you may have, whether it's a change in hours or assistance with requesting a raise, the agency will be there to help support and counsel you to ensure you continue to be happy with the placement.

Working with nannies is our expertise! We love to help find qualified nannies excellent positions where they can stay long term. If you are hesitant about working with an agency, feel free to contact us to discuss how we can help you find your dream job today!


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