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Benefits of Using a Nanny Agency

You may be confused on whether or not to choose a nanny agency, and you may be asking yourself why pay an agency when I can do the work? Read below for the benefits on why choosing a nanny agency is the perfect solution to your childcare needs!

Finding a nanny can be incredibly overwhelming, and that's where we come in! Imagine signing onto a nanny website to post a position. Within minutes you are receiving a TON of applications. You attempt to sort through those applications only to realize that more than half of the candidates didn't even read your job description before applying. The profiles are incomplete, the ones you are interested in aren't answering your messages, and everyday you have to sift through applicants only to end up frustrated.

Why waste your time sorting through all of those messages when an agency can do it for you? That's just ONE of the benefits of using an agency, and here are the rest:

Screened Applicants

We sift through applicants to find the perfect ones to represent our agency. Our applicants go through a screening process that includes:

1. A phone interview

2. An in person interview

3. A thorough social media check

4. Reference checks

5. A 5 point background check

6. DMV record check

This process takes days, and sometimes even weeks to complete. We are incredibly thorough with our interview questions, and we get to know our nannies down to their personality. We spend time with their references, making sure everything that the nanny told us matches up to what the reference is telling us. Every single nanny we send you has already been through this process, so all you have to do is connect and hire!

Work Agreements

We have worked with all different types of families with different needs, so we are excellent at creating work agreements that will work for both you and your nanny. Having a work agreement is beyond helpful for both you and your nanny. We help negotiate the agreement so that everybody is happy with the outcome - this includes helping to negotiate pay, vacation, sick days, etc.

A Different Pool of Nannies

Our nannies are mainly referral based, but we also have nannies who apply to our agency from online social media groups as well as colleges. Nannies in our database are professional nannies who are looking for long-term families, and being a nanny isn't something they are doing to fill the space before their career. A majority of our part-time nannies are in college to become nurses or educators, but we only accept those candidates who can commit to long-term.


What happens if your nanny doesn't work out? We have your back. In our work agreements we note that nannies should either give four weeks notice or wait until a replacement has been found, and our nannies respect this. You won't have to worry about going without a nanny and having to take off work because we will make sure of it! We also guarantee a year replacement, so if something WERE to unfortunately happen, we would replace your nanny within the year without extra fees - that's how confident we are that our nannies won't leave your side.

If you are still unsure about using a nanny agency, feel free to call or email us to discuss further! We want your search for a nanny to be easy and as stress free as possible.

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